Since June 2009, a diverse group of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County residents have been working together to imagine and describe the community that we aspire to become by the year 2020. Although the Chamber of Commerce provided the leadership to begin what has been labeled “Vision 2020”, the initiative has evolved into a community-wide process that includes representatives from agriculture, transportation, education, health care, non-profit services and business sectors.

The goal has been to create a unified and shared vision for our community, one that will encourage collaboration in the planning and use of public and private resources.

  • Click here to print a copy of the Vision Statement, including our goals and strategies (pdf)

Vision statement:
A community where natural beauty, friendly interdependent relationships and diverse cultural, economic and educational opportunities create an unparalleled quality of life.

We envision our area to be characterized by:

  • A creative, innovative and culturally diverse population which embraces collaboration in a true sense of
  • A well-planned community with an emphasis on blending development with the natural beauty of the
    Shenandoah Valley;
  • A community which provides a safe and secure environment, a forward-thinking and needs-based
    transportation system, and leading-edge public infrastructure;
  • Diverse and balanced educational opportunities that promote individual and community competitiveness in tomorrow’s workforce;
  • A commitment to creating opportunities for meeting career and job needs for our diverse population.

Additional workshops have been held to begin identifying the strategies that both public and private sectors will need to embrace to achieve our vision.  The workshops have resulted in the formalization of four cornerstones, which will guide our future efforts to create an unparalled quality of life in Harrisonburg & Rockingham County.

Four Cornerstones:

  1. Comprehensive Community Plan
  2. Business Vitality & Entrepreneurship
  3. World Class Education & Workforce
  4. Community Leadership Development